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Duale:Tracing URPs journey from its creation to merger with TNA

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The journey to where we are today started about nine years ago when we formed Orange Democratic Movement. From the beginning, our vision was for a united country where our ethnic backgrounds are a source of our strength and pride, not a reason for divisions and hatred.

Our mission resonated with Kenyans from all corners of the country and this is why sooner rather than later ODM became a national mass movement. Our efforts at bringing Kenyans together under one umbrella was gradually paying dividends and the prospects of finally slaying the dragon of negative ethnicity looked more promising than ever.

I do not need to remind you of the extent to which tribalism and sectarianism has poisoned our politics. It is common knowledge how this curse has pitted Kenyans against one another; how it has considerably slowed our social and economic progress; and how Kenyans have been enslaved by it.

Therefore in ODM we were of the view that we had found a vehicle to transform into reality our dream of one united country, basking in the sunshine of peace and harmony.

Although ODM did not win the 2007 general elections, the chaos that ensued led to the formation of the Grand Coalition Government. In that government we saw an opportunity to play our part in playing a role in shaping the destiny of this country. We were brimming with ideas on how to take the battle to the doors of poverty, diseases, unemployment, retarded development, among other myriad issues afflicting Kenyans. Kenyans too were upbeat that finally there was a ray of hope the numerous challenges that confronted them would at last be squarely addressed.

Deputy President William Ruto and I spared no effort and resources in our endavour to serve Kenyans. We rolled up our sleeves and tightened out belts because we were under no illusion on the magnitude of the challenges ahead. We went about our respective duties with missionary zeal. My brother William Ruto performed extremely well in every docket to which he was posted. Indeed Ruto’s unrivalled record in the Ministry of Agriculture speaks for itself.

However, hardly had we begun to settle down to work than we realized that the party we had placed some much hope on was never keen on the attainment of the Kenyan dream. We quickly learnt that ODM’s top leadership had other ideas than the ideals that we had forged together and agreed on. We gave it all, but our detractors from within, and who we initially perceived to be our brothers and sisters in the struggles, placed all manner of hurdles on our path to thwart and undermine our determination to deliver on the promises we had made to Kenyans.

Instead of being patted in the back and being awarded medals for exceptional performance, we became marked men. Ironically, our exemplary performance was not attracting praise but ridicule and condemnation. It soon dawned on us that we would not make any meaningful headway in a system that was undemocratic, anti-change and anti-development and was actively frustrating our efforts to address the challenges that Kenyans faced. We found our membership to ODM increasingly untenable and staying any longer in its ranks would be a betrayal of the ideals we firmly stood for. Even as we were mulling quitting, we were shown the door and we happily left because were living behind a hollow outfit that had completely lost touch with the people. It was such a good riddance I tell you.

We vowed to soldier on despite all these setbacks because we knew what we wanted for our country and our people. We were clear in our vision and resolute in our mission and no one would make us give up on our cherished principles. In fact the roadblocks erected on our path served to embolden our dream of a better Kenya. We recollected the words of Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh who said: “Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability”.

When the ODM door was shut firmly on us we, looked for an alternative avenue where we would serve wananchi unfettered. We formed United Republican Party. This was our new channel from where we would continue the grand project of uniting Kenyans and transforming their living standards.

Our desire was to make URP a home for all Kenyans. We wanted to resurrect the dream of a cohesive nation that ODM had spectacularly aborted. We were fully aware of the suffering that this country had gone through thanks to ethnic divisions. URP yearned to seal all the ethnic fault lines that ran dangerously deep and that had caused violent eruptions in 2007, leading to the shedding of innocent blood, destruction of property in a staggering scale and causing untold suffering to many.

As URP we vowed never again would our country travel down that bloody path. We vowed to make every sacrifice to bring Kenyans together, dissolve our differences once and for all and burry down hate, bigotry and prejudices. This is the only way to enable this nation to sit proudly at the high table of civilized nations and stake its rightful claim. Needless to say, unity is the beginning of our journey towards progress and prosperity.

Our foremost agenda has always been to fight poverty and improve the living standards of our people and ensure equality in the sharing of the national cake. We draw inspiration from anti-Apartheid hero and former South African President who said “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”

We are glad that our mission in URP resonated with Kenyans. From the beginning, URP had all the attributes of a truly national party. You only need to study the composition of its leadership to prove this. This is why in the 2013 polls we had a respectable support from many Kenyans from all corners of this great nation. Now we have 10 governors, 10 senators, 76 MPs and about 250 MCAs. These are by no means small figures and they go along way to show that this is a party that meant business right from inception.

Although on its own URP was a force to reckon with, we were aware that the party was perceived to be a Rift Valley outfit. This was partly true as the party had the populous region as its stronghold. To banish this notion of a regional party, we decided to look for like-minded parties which were also burning with the ambition to see the end of tribalism. We found that ally in The National Alliance led by Uhuru Kenyatta, a great patriotic son of our country. We found TNA leadership having the same outlook and propagating similar principles and policies as us in URP. We could not have found a more fitting partner than TNA.

We therefore naturally formed an alliance referred to as Jubilee. For the last four years, we have worked seamlessly in the service of Kenyans. We have never had feuds about trivialities such as nusu mkate, nusu mkeka that wrecked the Grand Coalition Government. We have had one solid government ably led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and supported very strongly by Willian Ruto who is endowed with boundless energy. Then there is a cast of foot soldiers including yours truly, dedicated to delivering the promises we made to Kenyans.

Having worked so well together, we have decided to take the next bold step of being one single entity. We have done so much as an alliance, what more can we do as one, strong, united party? Watch this space.

When we left ODM, many quickly wrote our political obituaries. However, we have survive the onslaught of our enemies because our vision is in tandem with that of all Kenyans. The fact that were are here today, ready to open a new exciting chapter for Kenyans is a testimony that the political choices we made were right. In a nutshell, we have been vindicated.


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