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Why The County Government of Garissa Failed To Meet With The People’s Expectations.

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Many Kenyans had high expectations when they voted in their county presidents. Devolution of resource was one thing that Kenyans were yearning for many years, ironically it turned to devolution of corruption and racketeering. This has deflated hopes, caused mistrust and made many people despaired.

It is almost three years down the line and the governor’s blue sky manifestoes remains a political rhetoric. At its infancy, like the other counties, it’s manifesting all signs of failure. Some argues that the system is new and the governor is struggling to lay sustainable foundation but everything he does is very far from laying sustainable foundation with clear checks and balances.

Yes, the system is new but that’s no excuse for misappropriations of funds, hiring incompetent staff and being myopic. In my frank and objective assessment, there are four key factors that’s failing the system. This include, hiring incompetent executives, political expediency, lack of priorities and above all corruption.

Incompetent executives

When the governor was creating his cabinet he used wrong criteria which is haunting him now. He considered tribal affiliation so as he convince every clan in Garissa and forgot the competency aspect. Yes, it’s good to distribute posts fairly amongst clans but you should factor in how competent the person you are entrusting him to big office is for you to achieve your goals—if at all you had one.

Some executives are too incompetent that they can’t even write a proposal. They lack creativity and strategic thinking that can propel the county government to the next level that’s why the county government don’t have the capacity to absorb the annual budget in lieu it drains to the pockets of individual.

The hundred plus thousand they receive as salary became too big in their heads because they have never seen such kind of pay slip. They spend most of their time in eastleigh than in their offices and the few days that they are in Garissa, that’s when a portion of the budget is released, they drove their air conditioned Fielders along Kismayu road as they wait their account to be refilled.

I mean we are expecting too much from such kind of officers who has blue-sky thinking and the poor Nathif is ingenuously waiting to realize his vision. Pigs will surely fly.

Political expediency

Anyone who has political ambition will, no doubt, act out of political expedience. Their actions are not guided by morals but rather the politics and Nathif is no exception. He does what is good for his political career.

This is a stumbling block of creating a productive government. The whole employees of the county government are on the loose. They think they were hired because of their tribal affiliation and whatever they do will go away unpunished. The head of county civil servant boss cannot punish a mere clerk for his/her misdemeanor because a whole clan will march to the office of the governor the next day and that will not go well with the governors’ political ambition.

So, for now all you can do is open your eyes wide and shut mouth because that the only way Nathif can be voted back. Don’t provoke others and be the co-author of the county’s misfortunes. The governor tied his hand with a rope that don’t exist.

Lack of priorities

Quality and accessible healthcare, education and sufficient and safe portable water are among the building blocks of any thriving society. Unfortunately none of the above were prioritized. Our hospitals are as bad as pre-doctor Khadija epoch, our public schools education are wanting and our portable water is scarce and below the WHO and KEBS standards.

Of all the above raft of problems the county governments is still spending millions on supplying office stationaries and fencing cemeteries instead of employing health workers, building health infrastructure and recruiting local teachers. Some argues that the misplaced priorities is due lack of government projects and therefore the contractors are asked to look for unfenced cemetery or an office to supply for stationaries.

One of the most stunning manifesto of governor Nathif was development of irrigation scheme so as we produced enough food for the denizens of Garissa as well as to export because most of farms are not rain fed. And three years later, there is no a single inch of canal that was development.


“It’s our turn to eat” is the main slogan in every county government. Some individuals who have never managed a budget except that of their families were given multi million budget and they started wallowing in luxury and corruption and you don’t need to be a forensic accountant to figure out that.

Corruption was literally devolved. From executive officers to the most junior stuff of the county government are trying to pilfer every coin that they could. An office clerk claims, on bi-months basis, hundreds of thousands for repairing socket or buying bulb and that is the least amount of money a junior officer can steal for the county coffers.

For half a century the Somali Kenyans were brutally marginalized by successive regimes but now every region was given their share and we have turn a new page of self-marginalization that will continue in the next half a century and still blame the central government because that’s the only thing we can—blaming others for our own failure.

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